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Chinatown - The Be Good Tanyas

Ketch played fiddle on one track - the traditional song Reuben - for the Be Good Tanyas' second album, released in 2003.

Although Chinatown was made in Vancouver, Ketch's fiddle part was recorded in Nashville according to the liner notes.

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Cockahoop - Cerys Matthews

Ketch contributed to Cerys Matthews' 2003 Nashville debut, co-writing and playing banjo on Louisiana.

There are a few photographs of Ketch in the "Nashville" section of Cerys' website. You can get to them in a hurry here, here, and here.

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Georgia Peach - Burrito Deluxe

Burrito Deluxe released Georgia Peach in 2002.

Willie seems to have been a part of the band for this recording, at least as far as liner note photography is concerned. He sang lead on Wheels, Hickory Wind and She Once Lived Here.

The album also includes a Ketch fiddle solo (She's Still The Queen) and harmonies by Ketch and Critter, as well as Gillian Welch and David Rawlings.

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Plow To The End Of The Row - Adrienne Young

To get the full O.C.M.S. experience, skip the version of this album that is currently in stores and try to find a used copy of the 2003 independent release. I got mine for $6 at a record store in Berkeley.

The whole band played on Groundhog, Cluck Old Hen, Lonesome Road Blues and Spotted Pony. These recordings are very distinctively O.C.M.S., and Willie and Ketch's voices come through beautifully when they sing with Adrienne. Ketch also contributed fiddle, banjo and harmonies to several other tracks, notably Satan Yer Kingdom Must Come Down, which is basically a Ketch and Adrienne duet.

There are a few pictures of the Crows working on this album on Adrienne Young's website, here, here, here, here and here.

Soul Journey - Gillian Welch

Old Crow have collaborated live and in the studio with Gillian Welch and her partner, David Rawlings.

You can hear Ketch play fiddle on several tracks on Soul Journey, which was recorded in Nashville and released in 2003.

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Tumblers & Grit - Chris Richards

Ketch played fiddle on this 2004 release.

It's not obvious from the liner notes, but according to Chris Richards' website, Ketch played on only one song, Nashville Gas.

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