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American Roots Music

The Crows made a brief appearance on this four-part PBS series which aired in October 2001. DVD and VHS sets of the series are available to buy here. Screencaptures by Calvin.

In The Valley Where Time Stands Still - John Lair's Renfo Valley

Old Crow Medicine Show performed Tear It Down on this documentary and contributed tracks to the accompanying album. Screencaptures by Calvin.

Bluegrass Journey

Old Crow are featured briefly in this documentary, playing Granny Does Your Dog Bite?. Screencaptures by Brodank.

Wagon Wheel

Wagon Wheel can be viewed in full at CMT.com. Screencaptures by Calvin.

Conan O'Brien

Old Crow performed Wagon Wheel on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on 8 May 2004. Screencaptures by Calvin.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Old Crow Medicine Show appear briefly in Alan Jackson's video for Too Much Of A Good Thing, which can be viewed here. Screencaptures by Calvin.

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