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Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 1:45 am Reply with quote
*Johnny* Joined: 15 Sep 2006 Posts: 4268 Location: Pigg River District, Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Welcome to the recently renovated Lyrics/Chords Section -- If you are looking for lyrics or chords to an older OCMS song, chances are that it is posted on the old page. Use the link in the sticky to get there and check first - then browse this section (all four pages!) for songs not included or possible updates to songs on the old page.
If there is an (A) or (B) beside the song title, then there is more than one topic concerning that song. Be sure to check both.
When posting a new song topic, use only the title of the song as this will hopefully help keep duplicate topics at a minimum.

Update: In here we'll also keep topics for "Crow Family" artists' stuff -(Landry, Rawlings, Welch, Hackensaw Boys, Kinman, Gould, St. Ours Bros. & etc.) - one topic per artist, please. While it will eventually make for long topics, this fashion will preserve the continuity of the original subject.
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