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I was in DC late last week for a conference which happened to coincide with an OCMS show. It was as good as driving to Grand Rapids, MI or Chicago later this spring to catch them so I did. I don't think I saw them last year, so it's been a bit.

The Anthem is a brand new venue in the new DC Wharf area. It's not a bad venue, but very modern. Sound was loud. I was in the general admission area, 1 person back from the front. Very loud.

The boys did a good job, good concert, great energy. Always a treat to see them. They played everything from Volunteer except Whirlwind.

I had only listened to the new album a couple times before the show. I wasn't a huge fan of many of the songs at first, but have them in my head more now after hearing them live, I'll see about posting review of the album over in that thread.

I was sad to see Kevin not at the show. Joe fills in on many instruments, including the guitjo (Kech played guitjo some too) Electric guitar (split by Chance and Joe) on some songs, pedal steel and drums on many songs too.

So here's the setlist
Child of the Mississippi
Alabama High Test
Take em Away
Brave Boys
Shout Mountain Music
Instrumental, I think Elzick's Farewell. 3 fiddlers on this one, Ketch, Chance and Billy? (The instrument tech, who played on a few songs in different capacities, fiddle, drums, mando maybe something else)
Aint it enough into we're all in this thing together
Mean Enough World
Flicker and Shine
The Good Stuff
CC Rider
Tell it to me

9:00ish set break

Sweet Amarillo
Dixie Ave
Mississippi Saturday Night
Old Hickory
I'm a World Away
Highway Halo

One mic gather round with Ketch on Uke. Other instruments varied for songs
Blowin in the Wind
Stealin into On the Road Again (sure as you're born)

Back to full instruments
TN Bound
Homecoming Party
Look Away
Hear them all into This Land is Your Land
Wagon Wheel

8 Dogs

10:45 second Encore
US Blues
Spirit in the Sky

Crowd was going for a 2nd encore but you could see the guys say they were exhausted.

Good show, crowd was into it well, venue wasn't full, estimated attendance by the guys at the door before the show based on sales was a couple thousand.

Again it was loud, maybe I'm getting too old, but old enough now I'm starting to be concerned with hearing damage from shows.

Very interesting to see Billy? (I can't remember his name) the instrument tech involved on a few songs.

I hopped at this opportunity to see them while I was there for this season, but now I'm itching to catch them when they're in Michigan and Chicago. Smile
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