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Got to the show a little bit late - they must have started right at 8. Maybe missed the first two songs. First time seeing OCMS in a big arena (The Patriot Center at GMU). It was a big band w/ some piano and drums. They added some choreography for playing in a large venue - some of it maybe borderline cheesy, but entertaining nevertheless. Highlights for me were:
    Humdinger (Hayes rocked it),
    A twin fiddle song (don't know the title),
    Fall On My Knees
    Mary's Kitchen (the harmonica riff was cool - a bit different from the album version)
    I Hear Them All/This Land is Your Land (I liked Ketch's Virginia references here and throughout the show)
    Wagon Wheel (most of the crowd on its feet)
    Tell it To Me
    American Girl (final encore - whoever was singing it sounded great - Critter I think, but we had nosebleed seats so I'm not positive)

S.P. Gass
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