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Apologies in advance for butchering song titles.

Elle King opened. Singer out of Brooklyn. She had a couple of good songs. Not really my cup of tea.

Set 1

? Take this Hammer (Willie on guitar)
? Hills of Mexico (Willie on banjo)
? Times ain't like they used to be (guitar harmonica)
? Made it over at last (guitar)
Long John Dean (banjo)
Birmingham Mill (banjo)
? Bring it with you when you come (guitar)
Swannanoa Tunnel
? Bet on Stu (banjo)
? Irish Song - I'll buy me a little dog something like sing ta ra day (guitar and harmonica)
? Free Little Bird (banjo)
? Thought I'd keep it clean (guitar)
? How you want you're rolling done (guitar)
Cuckoo (banjo) Traditional/ Dylan
? Ladies were thrushes (guitar)
Midnight Special (guitar)


? I saw the light from heaven
CC Rider
On the Road Again

First time seeing Willie post Crows. It was just Willie by himself with a guitar, banjo and harmonica. My overall feeling is that Willie would have benefited from a backing band, and/or just playing with the Crows. In my opinion the Crows aren't as strong without Willie, and Willie would benefit from the Crows behind him. After the second song, Willie said, "Good to get as much banjo in your life as possible. It's the vitamin you didn't know you needed. Get real sick without it." There was a bunch more banter between songs, but I was drinking, so didn't get any more of it down...

Willie's feet would bounce up and down as he sang,, till he would get up on his toes blowing his harp and looking ten feet tall.

The venue was weird. All tables. No one dancing. Pretty lame. I found it odd that Willie didn't sing any of his Crow songs except for CC Rider. But he was good, either way.

Also, I posted a couple of videos to my facebook page if anyone is interested.
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Posted: Fri Jan 09, 2015 8:00 am Reply with quote
*Mrs. Kitty* Joined: 23 Oct 2006 Posts: 2344 Location: Durham, NC
Thanks for the review! It is my goal to see Willie in 2015. I have been out of town whenever he has come through....
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Posted: Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:51 pm Reply with quote
*Cruel Lucille* Joined: 20 Mar 2008 Posts: 1022 Location: Dunno
Ugh, I hate the Hamilton!

I saw Shovels and Rope there twice, and the sitting down at tables atmosphere was torturous.

I think we all wish Willie and the Crows were back together, and will for all of time. However, I thought he was damned impressive live. It's not the same thing as Old Crow, but for one guy on the stage, Willie has a hell of a presence. That voice kind of helps.

To be fair, I saw him at a TEENY Pittsburgh place, and I made sure to get up to the stage so I could hear Willie, and not any patron ramblings. The Hamilton is much bigger.

"I don't think Jeffrey Dahmer would rock out to Old Crow." - Mom
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