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Posted: Tue Oct 28, 2014 5:05 pm Reply with quote
Lil' Birdie Joined: 25 Aug 2011 Posts: 12
After reading Stu's excellent review I was even more excited about the show (I just coudn't remember my password at the time to tell him). The reality definitely lived up to my expectations. Fabulous! The venue, while perhaps not as atmospheric as Stu's was still nice and initimate. The stage is only about a foot off the ground so it felt like we were basically standing in his face.

The setlist appears to be the same as Stu posted except instead of Mother Earth we had I Belong to the Band and in place of Kitty Puss we had Tattle O'Day (Little Brown Dog). The encore was Dry Bones, CC Rider and On The Road Again.

Stu, when he sang the Coo Coo song this night I think he sang "Nellie as she goes riding by." I really like the banjo on this one.

Someone has posted a half hour of the show starting with partial Mexican Cowboy and ending in the middle of Stewball.

I did not stay after to say "hi" to him because I am a dork and can't think of what to say to artists!
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Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2014 8:23 am Reply with quote
*Mrs. Kitty* Joined: 23 Oct 2006 Posts: 2344 Location: Durham, NC
I keep hoping to be able to catch a Willie show... though I discovered last night that my husband will not be attending that one with me. Guess he isn't a fan of the high lonesome sound.
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Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2014 3:34 pm Reply with quote
*Irish Stew* Joined: 03 Oct 2007 Posts: 3666 Location: Joe's Cornfield
Nice venue, clover. And the vid's pretty good too. It's bringing it all back Smile

I'm pretty sure he sang 'willie' in Coo Coo Bird but that doesn't mean I'm right or he didn't change it round. Just part of the fun I guess Smile

Walkin' the line between faith and fear.
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