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Raisin' a Ruckus Joined: 12 Sep 2008 Posts: 110 Location: SW MI
I'll post this here so you all know what may be coming for this newest tour.

I can't remember if I saw the boys in 2015, but they're similar to when I saw them last. With the exception of Gill being on hiatus.

The April Fools day show. I saw this announced by the promoter on Facebook before it was up on the websites. So I almost thought the announcement was an April Fools Day joke a few months early. But then everyone got caught up, and it was confirmed. This apparently was the first time they've played in South Bend.

The venue was the Morris Center, which is an old theater. So we had assigned seats rather than General Admission. The acoustics were good though.

The opener Parker Millsap was quite good. A lot of blues influence.

When getting ready for Old Crow to go on, someone came out and said they hated to announce this but two of the band members were arrested after an altercation in the Burger King parking lot across the street and they'd have to cancel the show. I don't think many people fell for it.

Then the band came out with everyone wearing BK King Crowns.

Started at 9pm on the dot.

Cumberland River
James River Blues
Hear them all into This land is your land
Bootlegger Boy
Brave Boys
Fiddle tune with Ketch and Chance
Virginia Creeper
Mississippi Saturday Night
Bobcat Tracks
Fire water
Instrumental with Corey Dancing into Ruckus into Shit Creek
Doc's Days
Hey Good Lookin Country Gal
Good Gal

(One mic)
Barrett's Privateers (dedicated to the Fightin' Irish)

(Full Band)
Brushy Mtn Trailer
Tiger Rag
Wagon Wheel

10:30 Encores
8 Dogs with intros (factual but Critter was last and Ketch introduced him as the Indiana native Dan Quail)

Tell it to Me

Into the mystic with Parker Milsap leading

Just like a woman.

Overall the show was good. Always enjoy catching a show when they're within a few hundred miles.

They had another member filling in for Gill on dobro and steel guitar, I didn't catch his name in the intros (only introed him on Tell it to Me, but he was only out for about 2/5 of the show. My personal opinion was the folks on sound were new to the tour or locals. They didn't always have the vocal mics on when needed for the different members (Kevin's intro didn't have his mic for the first 3/4). Ketch's mic was set as the lead vocal, and often times the leader of the song would come up to that mic. But there were a few songs where Ketch was singing harmony and his vocals were above the rest.

All in all a good show. Similar to the last few.
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Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:46 am Reply with quote
*Law Dog* Joined: 17 Oct 2004 Posts: 6546 Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Yea, that's why I'm so pumped for the Blonde on Blonde shows coming up. ALL NEW setlist. Freshy fresh

Great review, my man!

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