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Monday the 22nd, the Old Crows rolled into the historic Lincoln Theater in Washington, D.C., which is where President Lincoln was shot, way back when. The theater is set up like a lot of old time places, with curtains across the stage, booths on the ground and second level, along with a balcony. Doors opened at 6:30 for an 8pm show, and I was able to snag a decent seat, seven rows back on the aisle.

Around 8pm the music started playing while the curtain was still up. The curtain peeled back to show the boys marching on stage in a procession, with Cory and Joe Andrews (I think its the same guy from the record) banging on big old drums strapped to their chests. It was definitely a cool little moment.

The set list followed the album, so if you are familiar with that and like it, then this show would be one to check out. As usual, the boys were all over the place, playing a wide array of instruments- Critter was behind the drum kit for Visions, then on accordian for Memphis Blues, which I thought was played too fast, but the crowd had thunderous applause for it when it was finished.

Pill Box Hat was comedy time with Kevin dancing across the stage, while the band retreated behind him in a single file line, everyone playing their instruments as they moved their banjos or guitars left then right, up and down as the crowd went wild.

The curtain closed on the band wrapping on the final notes of Just Like a Woman, and the second set opened the same way, with the band already playing Most Likely You Go Your Way, as the curtain draws back. Ketch and Cory also come out wearing sunglasses, which they were not wearing during the first set. Ketch starts twirling his hand up in the air as he wanders the stage playing his harmonica.

During Termporarily Like Achilles, the roadie hopped behind the drum kit, and played for the entire song.

Ketch story time followed, and he told a story of how Gil was hanging out with Tbone Burnett at the Grammys, and Dylan came up and asked Gil, "Are you an Old Crow? You guys are killing it." Ketch also mentioned something about an unreleased album they did with Tbone Burnett, which I had never heard of. There was also a story about how Ketch went to see a palm reader when he was 13 and he asked if her if he would ever meet Bob Dylan, her answer was no.

During 4th Time Around, Ketch tells the room, "This is a waltz and there is plenty of room to dance in the aisles," and the crowd obliges, with a lot of couples dancing together to the chagrin of the security staff.

Sad Eyed Lady closed the second set along with band introductions, where Ketch says everyone's name and what instruments they were playing.

A very quick pause and then they were back for the encore. Knocking on Heaven's Door opened, with all the boys crowded near the front of the stage except Joe, and Kevin, who was off to the side a little bit and doing some interpretive dancing. The Mighty Quinn followed, which was the highlight of the show, in my opinion. Wagon Wheel closed things out predictably, but was still a treat as always, with Ketch directing the crowd to sing a couple of lines.

All in all, I thought the show was ok, but not great. If you like the record, then you will probably like the show a lot.
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Thanks for the review! I'm looking forward to seeing the boys play next week in Pittsburgh.

"That's the whole principle of the Medicine Show ... you put your trust in the medicine, and you don't get beat up."
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