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I wasn't actually planning on going to this one. Cousin had a graduation dinner that evening, GF wasn't super up for staying out late, and I felt $50/ticket after all the fees is a bit much to be spending on a show I might not see all of, especially because I saw them last September.

But, as it happens, the dinner finished early, we were in town with nothing much to do, and I found a pair of tickets for $15 each. Arrived a little late, so we unfortunately missed the first couple songs, but caught all my favorites from the album (Leopard Skin Pill-Box Hat, Stuck Inside of Mobile, You'll Go Your Way).

I won't post the setlist since you can just look up the album, but the encore was

Knocking on Heaven's Door
You Ain't Going Nowhere
The Mighty Quinn
Wagon Wheel (and my GF thought they weren't going to play it!)

For the first two they all stood around a single mic bluegrass-style, and Ketch was strumming a ukulele, the first time I've seen that instrument in the band (I'm sure they've used it before, I just haven't seen it). The whole encore had a real singalong kind of vibe, and I was pleasantly surprised at how many people knew all the lyrics to the Dylan songs.

Loved the show, and thought they did a great job with the album as a whole. I really enjoyed their version of Absolutely Sweet Marie, and they brought a lot of energy to everything, as always. Even some nice choreographed dancing for the Leopard-Skin Pillbox Hat, with everyone at the front of the stage.

If you like Dylan, you'll love the show. If you don't know Dylan that much (my GF doesn't), you'll still probably like the show, but you probably won't recognize anything besides Wagon Wheel, Knockin' on Heaven's Door, and maybe Just like a Woman. No Blowin' in the Wind, I Shall Be Released, or any of the other big name Dylan songs, which is great for a Dylan fan like me but might not be everyone's cup of tea. Also, I was hoping they'd do Lay Lady Lay like they used to, but no dice.

Speaking of which, I realized that this is my 5th time seeing them, but my 1st time seeing the same lineup twice. The lineups I've seen are

07 - Ketch/Critter/Willie/Kevin/Morgan

09 - Ketch/Willie/Gil/Kevin/Morgan

12 - Ketch/Critter/Gil/Chance/Kevin/Morgan

16/17 - Ketch/Critter/Chance/Cory/Kevin/Morgan/(new guy)

I can't remember the new guy's name, they mentioned it at the end. He mostly sat in the corner playing the pedal steel, and they didn't introduce him as part of the band when I saw them in 16, but they got his name in here this last time. With the piano, drums, and pedal steel, they're a very different band from the lineup I saw in 07, with a bigger, dare I say more "Nashville" country feel. Also, with Willie gone, they've become a lot more Ketch-centric. Neither of those are bad things, but I do miss Willie's voice (seen him solo twice), and the greatest thing I've ever witnessed is still the version of "God's Got It" they did when I saw them in 09 with him yelping and hollering like a revival preacher.

The band is incredibly slick now, extremely tight with some stage choreography/bits that they add to the show. They were always tight and had some nice back-and-forth, but there was a shagginess to it that left everything a little rougher around the edges than it is now. This maybe a result of Ketch taking more control, consummate showman that he is. Again, I don't want this to come across as a bad thing, it's just a different feel to the first couple shows I saw. I'm guessing that those who've been seeing them for much longer have noticed similar changes.

All in all, loved the show, would definitely see them again, and excited to see where they take it next!

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Thanks for the review! I'm seeing them tomorrow and looking forward to it! They do have that sheen to them now, and there's no replacing Willie. But I'll take what I can get! And it's hard to go wrong with Bob.

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