Lyrics - Heart Up In The Sky

Thanks to: Molly

Old Joe woke up at a quarter to five
Cause the girls needed milkin' or else they go dry
And he'd done it for 45 years so it was no surprise
He went outside cause he'd seen that heart up in the sky

It shined like a quarter in a baby's hands
On the fourth of July near the Rio Grande
It shined like a diamond in a jar of sand
And it made Joe's heart pump like it was born again

And I'd put my heart up in the sky
And I'd pushed it way up high
I just wondered what the people'd do
When they'd see that heart up there in the blue
I'd put my heart up in the sky
I can't really tell you why
I just wondered what the people'd do
When they'd see that heart up there in the blue

Well he reached for his heart, like to have him a stroke
And he called for his wife who thought it was just some kind of joke
Like when he called the preacher up cause the hen's laid triple yokes
But up in the sky was a heart that was taller than an oak

It was forty feet up and it was ten feet wide
It was pumpin' like a made man swept up in the tide
And when his wife came out from the inside
She fell to her knees and she almost died


Well the first thing they did was get the paper on the wire
And they had their son paged, he was contractor for hire
And they called their estranged daughter, she fell in love with a man from the Ozark mire
And a bus rolled up with the entire First Presbyterian choir

And there was a doctor called into town
That showed up in a Chevy with a black bag and a frown
Who said there wasn't nothing to bring that heart on down
Cause it was a healthy heart that Old Joe found


Well the people gathered round and they sang their songs
And the preachers and the sinners, they all rit their wrongs
And they stayed up for that whole night long
Cause that beatin' heart, it was just like a burnin' sun

And it didn't last long, and I'll tell you why
Cause the word spread wide and they sent out the FBI
And every pretty girl in Missouri and all their sweethearts cried
The day they shot that heart out of the clear blue sky


I was four counties over when I looked up and I saw
And I trailed that military truck all the way to Utah
And me and my sisters and an old gray Choctaw
Stole back that heart from the heartless law


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