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Encourage CMT to play the Crows

Watch the videos at CMT.com

Help the Crows to chart on Great American Country

Vote for them online

(You will have to type in Old Crow Medicine Show and Tell It To Me manually as the video is not currently on the chart)

VH2 in the UK

You can contact VH1 and ask them to play Tell It To Me on VH2's This Is Americana programme.

You could also try taking control of VH2.

Contact local radio and ask them to play the Crows

UK: Bob Harris and Nick Barraclough at Radio 2. It might also be worth trying XFM.

NC: WTQR in Greensboro on 336-822-2000. You can also send a fax to the studio on 336-887-0104.

OK: 91.3 FM Bluegrass on the Hill. Contact on 918-343-7913 or email your request to Jeanie.

Submit contact details for your local radio station to libby@oldcrowfans.com if you'd like them posted here.

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