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Troubles Up and Down the Road - Liner Notes

The Old Crow Medicine Show was kicking around the foam house in Whites Creek the other day. All the boys were there and all their dogs too, hanging round the hoods of various junk cars, spitting and smoking, laughing and joking. Someone started talking about Prince's Hot Chicken Shack which is down the way from the old Crows nest on Dickerson Rd. Dill pickles and greasy chicken laid over two slices of Bunny Bread. Of course we immediately started thinking about our buddy Dub who kept Prince's in business through some of the lean years. Then someone remembered a recording we made for Dub back in September, the Dub dub as it was then known. Well here it is, y'all, enjoy. We call it Troubles Up and Down the Road, and down that same ol' road... here she goes.

1. "Rub Alcohol Blues"
Norton, VA Home of the Legendary Dock Boggs.
This is not what the welcome sign says, but it ought to. The crows will tell you Dock is bigger than King Coal. Now crows are a gregarious breed and they tend to congregate with characters who know a certain level of moral indecency. They are bone pickers, trash eaters, and rub-alcohol drinkers, all to which old man Boggs can attest.

2. "Big Sciota"
One of our first tunes back when we were loading up the trucks and heading for Canadian streetcorners. This is its second official release here. Sciota was included on the 5 song EP Vegas in Aug. '99. I believe it's a river that flows through the capital of Ohio. Willie learned it from Richie Stearns' Renegades and Ketch from Joe Thrift's Red Hots back in their formative years.

3. "Blue-Eyed Girl"
Lily May Ledford was as fine a clawhammer banjo player as ever was. Raised around Renfrom Valley, KY, she performed for many years with the Coon Creek Girls up in Cincinnati. Our version was recently released on the soundtrack to the film "The Valley Where Time Stood Still". Lily May could sing it deeper than Ketch ever could.

4. "Darlin' Corey"
The Old Crows met Doc Watson on King Street in Boone, NC on the 5th of July a few years back. We were busking out in front of Boone Drug in Doc's old spot when his daughter walked him across the street to hear us. Darlin' Corey is his, thanks Doc.

5. "Little Sadie"
Speaking of Doc... Benny raced back to Critter's trailer to pick up more Greetings from Wawa because we were sold out at Merlefest. Wilkesboro is a pretty fair piece and Benny was driving like a madman. Course, he wasn't in so much of a rush that he couldn't stop at the Wildcat Junk Lodge in Deep Gap and do a little junkin'. He bought a 4 dollar 78 by a local boy named Clarence Ashley. Little Sadie. Prettiest and as tragic as they come. Thanks Benny.

6. "Wagon Wheel"
This wheel rolled outta New Hampshire back in high school and has been rolling ever since. A man named Alias had a lot to do with it, though we've heard maybe Big Boy Crudup had a role. Where was that now? Ruston? Nagadoches? Navasota? What makes this tune so hot is Don Helms, yes THE Don Helms playing steel. And that's Kev's brother Steve on electric guitar. Talk about straight outta NH... but man you oughta hear it when we play in Johnson City.

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