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Greetings From Wawa - Liner Notes

Greetings from Wawa was recorded and mixed by Mikey Jaynes in lovely Flatsprings NC

The Tunes:
Greetings from Wawa+/Reuben's Train*
Kitty Clyde*
Gospel Plow*
Beech Creek Dirge/We Followed Girls+
Elkhorn Ridge*
Daisy on the Porch
Harley in the Ballroom (Let's Go to Nunavut)
A Little Number+
Old Red
Tell Her to Come Back Home*
When Dey Wud No Crawfish
Wow That is Diverse*
Blackeyed Susie*
Waiting for Al+
Greasy Coat*
Granny Does Your Dog Bite?*
Pour It On, Dock
Weeping Mary
Goodbye Sweet Daisy
Oh My Little Darling*
Six Rainbows Over Wawa+
Cumberland Gap*

All songs written by The Old Crow Medicine Show except for *'s which are traditional, and +'s which are taken from Jam 107.1 fm Wawa, ON
Booking Info: Write us at 8968 Highway 321 Sugar Grove NC 28679
voicemail: (828) 898-4593
email crowmedicine@yahoo.com

cover art by Jaco b. Vegas, Willie Watson, and Johnny St. Ours

The Crows:
Willie Watson, guitar, vocals, bagpipes, and fretless banjo on "Jack", "Red", and "Mary"
Ben Gould, doghouse bass
Chris "Critter" Fuqua, banjo, vocals, bagpipes, slide on "Jack" and "Crawfish", and snare drum on "Dock"
Kevin Hayes, guitar, vocals
Ketch Secor, fiddle, vocals, french harp on "Crawfish" and banjo on "Dock"
Additional help: Robert St. Ours, vocals on "Greasy Coat". Phillip St. Ours, washboard on "Gospel Plow". M - did the barks.

We'd like to thank our three shadows Jaco b. Vegas, V. Crowley, and the Bird-dog. Thanks to the support and love of the St. Ours brothers, Aaron, Rich and Randy, the boys up there in NY, Jack Guy, The Trivette's and all our friends on the Beech, and thanks to Meghan for being someone we can all fall in love with. We appreciate all the help of Rosa Lee, Nancy, and Doc Watson. Thanks to Jam 107.1 FM in Wawa/Chapleau Ontario. The Crows wish to pledge their support to NC and TN Burley Tobacco Growers. Thanks to Mance Lipscomb of Navasota TX, Dock Boggs of Norton VA, Kurt Cobain of Aberdeen WA, Woodie Guthrie of Okemah OK, Luke Broken-Rope of Kyle SD, Sam Argetsinger of Tug Hollow, the porters on Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited, and Maggie and Barney Blarney for inspiring the words of these songs. This record is dedicated to our families and everyone between the pacific and atlantic who's thrown us a buck or given us a place to sleep. thanks.

old crow medicine show